BasicLinux  for  systems  with  less  than  8mb  RAM

Normally the initial installation of BasicLinux goes on a 4mb ramdisk.   However, systems with less than 8mb RAM cannot afford to sacrifice 4mb for a ramdisk.   They need to go directly to a HD installation.   A special installation package is needed for these systems.

System requirements

  • 4mb RAM (or more)
  • IDE harddrive with room for Linux partition (16mb or more)
  • DOS or win9x on C: drive (bootable)
  • space on C: drive for installation packages (10mb)
  • standard floppy drive (A:) and a reliable 1.44mb floppy disk

    Installation packages
    You need three packages to install BasicLinux.   First, you need the special package for 4mb RAM.   This contains step-by-step instructions and all the files needed to make the floppy disk required for the installation.   Second, you need the standard BasicLinux package.   This will give you the kernel and the BasicLinux filesystem.   Third, you need the bas2hd package.   This will upgrade the BasicLinux filesystem for HD operation.