Adding  X  to  BasicLinux  

The following installation scheme is designed for inexperienced users.  It avoids configuration problems by using a pre-configured Xserver (VGA) and window manager (icewm).  13mb of HD space is needed for the installation.

You need six packages from Slackware 7.1:   xbin, xcfg, xfnts, xlib, xvg16 and xpm.  All of them are in the /slakware/x1 directory.  You also need bl2-x a special package for BasicLinux.   All seven packages are installed using the Slackware package manager:

installpkg xbin.tgz
installpkg xcfg.tgz
installpkg xfnts.tgz
installpkg xlib.tgz
installpkg xvg16.tgz
installpkg xpm.tgz
installpkg bl2-x.tgz

This provides 640x480x16 resolution.  To get better resolution, you will need to replace the generic xvg16 with the specific Xserver for your video card (this may require complex configuration).  You should also consider adding 100-dpi fonts (xf100.tgz) and scaled fonts (xfscl.tgz).

xfreecell is a clone of the solitare game popularized by Windows 95.   A version for BasicLinux is available here.  It takes less than 1mb of HD space.

installpkg  xfreecell.tgz

Execute Freecell from the icewm menu.