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Libor Behounek

I am Czech (male), living in Prague and Ostrava (Czech Republic, Europe). Currently I work as a researcher at the Institute of Computer Science of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic and the Institute for Research and Applications of Fuzzy Modeling, University of Ostrava. Follow this link for my activities in logic.

Properly written, my name has a caron (the accent that looks like a tiny letter v) above the first e in the surname Behounek ("B\v{e}hounek" in TeX). It is pronounced approximately as "lib-borr b-yeh-own-eck" would be pronounced in English (the stress is on the first syllable in both words).

Some of my non-professional activities

(N.B.: The list is neither complete nor representative: only such activities that happen to have some form of web presentation are listed.)

I am a vegetarian (in fact, vegan whenever reasonably possible). The reasons why to be a vegetarian are summarized, e.g., here.  (Or here in Czech.)

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