addShare (XP,W2k), src
      shares directory or drive with       specified name.

 changeLogonType (XP), src
      changes the way users log on
      and off.

   msi-plus.wcx plugin v.0.6.0,1
      packer/unpacker for MSI files.

 vss.wfx plugin v.0.4
      filesystem plugin for Visual       SourceSafe.

 createUserAccount (XP,W2k), src
      creates user account for given       name.
 addUserToGroup (XP,W2k), src
      add existing user acount to
      a group.

 autoLogon (XP,W2k), src
      turn on or off autologon for       specified user.

 listResources (XP,W2k), src
      checks files for localizable       resources.
 isRegSettings (XP,W2k), src
      returns 0 to shell, if regional       settings match given
      language abbreviation

 deleteUser (XP,W2k), src
      removes user account,
      deletes also the documents
      and settings folder for the       account.
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