ATARFALCON  RAM card - SIMM adapter

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Bottom side Bottom side, SIMM fitted
Top side Side view
Base price for the RAM card with 16MB SIMM and Packing&Postage to Europe: 40EUR (or equivalent in your currency).
Technical and payment info. Discounts when more cards ordered together.

You can still order, as now I can build RAM cards "on demand" - just drop me a message ;-)

Main E-mail for info and ordering: <boban07 (at)>
Link für Sammelbestellung nur aus Deutschland: Mac-Falcon Heimseite
Orders from USA/Canada please contact new US distributor STanda Opichal <opichals (at)>
Link for orders from Sweden: Joakim Högberg website

Current status:
12.7.2005, 12:52 - Curently I'm ordering PCBs on demand. All needed connectors I usualy have at home. So when you order right now, you should get the RAM card within 1-6 weeks (depends on how fast do I get the boards).

3.3.2005, 14:48 - I got parts for 3rd batch so You can order and get your card usualy within 1 week (in Europe).

21.2.2005, 18:52 - I was forced to change distributor for USA/Canada. Please re-register to the new one.
I still produce RAM cards, but I'm little bit busy in my work so be patient. Every day has ONLY 24 hours ;-)

1.-12.11.2004, 8:52 - I found more useful to build some RAM cards than to update this page. After all, there were problems with drilling machine and quality control has scratched more than half of the boards. They are making new boards, but it takes some time. At this moment there are some cards already at the users, some are on the way ;-) Everybody who ordered will get his new card.

27.10.2004, 12:56 - I'm sorry, there are some troubles at the factory with green solder mask and Ormecon tin-plate. The PCBs will come on Monday (what I think is not a real problem).

22.10.2004, 17:46 - Both MoBo-connectors and the-hard-to-find-right-angle-SIMM-sockets are already on my desk - I like TYCO electronics and their Czech distributor ;-)
The factory ( still promises that I'll get the PCBs on this Wednesday (27.10.). So everyone who ordered, please look to the "Technical and payment info" for details. Don't hesitate to write me an e-mail or if you want to speak with me, ask for my phone number (I don't want to publish it on the Internet).

6.10.2004, 9:46 - I received confirmation for PCB - I'll get them latest on the 27th October. In following days the cards will be completed and delivered.

4.10.2004, 22:06 - Because of heavy working load on Friday (1.10.) I ordered PCBs today. With this "mistake" I can make another 2 Atarians happy still in this run ;-)
Now it'll be quiet for about 2 weeks waiting for sockets and then comes soldering/completing the cards (my poor fingers).

9.9.2004, 12:46 - When ordering You can specify the shape of jumper pins: straight (as on the photos) or right angle - heading outside of the card (for connecting external switch ...)

8.9.2004, 10:08 - I'm going for holidays next 2 weeks (13.-26.9.). So don't be afraid that I don't answer your E-mails, I'll answer as soon as I return home (28.9. at the latest).

22.8.2004, 19:40 - Now I'm waiting for your orders. At the end of September I'll order PCB's and sockets. Probably there will be 2-3 pieces reserve for late orders ;-)

18.8.2004, 11:40 - It seems, that there will be more than next 16 pcs wanted ! I have to order some PCBs, SIMM sockets and MB connectors ...

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