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10. International Academy of ancient music Maguzzano

 (Lago di Garda, Italy)



Oct. 09. - 17. 2004



This week gives the possibility to play viol consort, baroque orchestra and chamber music and to sing in the choir or do renaissance and baroque chamber music also with singers.



Location: The abbey of Maguzzano (15. century) is at the south coast of lago di Garda

 5 km away from Desenzano between Verona and Brescia



Michael Brüssing

Viola da gamba, baroque cello


Maria Brüssing

Viola da gamba, baroque cello


Anne Sabin

Viola da gamba, baroque cello


Alison Crum

Viola da gamba


Johanna Valencia

Viola da gamba


Roy Marks

Viola da gamba, Lute


Jorge Daniel Valencia

Viola da gamba


Bernhard Moosbauer

Violin, baroque orchestra


Andreas Scheufler





Tuition: 260.-€ (students 200.-€ )


Board and accomodation: 37.-€ / Day



Good sightreading skills are expected.


Contact/Kontakt:   Michael.Bruessing@viola-da-gamba.com

or/nebo   www.viola-da-gamba.com



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