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The Internationale Händel-Akademie Karlsruhe presents


23rd February to 7th March 2004




Der Gestürtzte und wider Erhöhte Nebucadnezar, König zu Babylon

Deutsches Singspiel in 3 acts

by Reinhard Keiser

Hamburg 1704


Musical Director: Peter Van Heyghen

Scenic Director: Sigrid T'Hooft


Continuing our successful work on this opera, which was begun last year, for 2004 the Händel-Akademie plans to make two public performances of a slight reduced version of the whole work in the form of a Pasticcio in 3 acts (duration about 1h30).

This would probably be the first re-performance 300 years since the premiere in the Theater am Gänsemarkt in Hamburg.


The singers will be trained in a professional way, scenically (historical performance practice on the stage, gestures, scenic movement, production, costumes, etc) as well as musically (ornaments, rhetoric, speech, etc).

The orchestra works with a special focus on functional-theatrical music-making.


For the active singing participants, it is compulsory to make an

application with a sound demo of a recitative and an aria from Reinhard Keiser's opera "Nebucadnezar".

The relevant music sheets will be available from the Haendel-Akademie office from the beginning of November.


Closing Date: 15th December 2003

In order to correspond with the standard performance practice in Hamburg, the orchestra uses the tuning tone 392 Hz.

Languages of the course: German, English, French

Final performances: 6th March 2004 (Cast A) & 7th March 2004 (Cast B)


registration & information:




Internationale Haendel-Akademie Karlsruhe

art.dir. Christine Daxelhofer

Baumeisterstr. 11, D-76137 Karlsruhe, Telephone 0721/376557

E-mail: haendel-akademie@bstaatstheater.de



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