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Music courses at the Abbaye aux Dames

The CCR and its artistic director Philippe Herreweghe have as one of their primary objectives the research and performance of the classical and romantic repertoire on period instruments. Therefore, the CCR developed an important music training program. This program has two different directions as it targets two different audiences: the amateur musicians and the professional musicians.

Professional music programs
The professional training program is one of the main activities of the CCR. It targets pre-professional or professional musicians, from France and abroad (speaking French is not necessary a requirement). Recruited based on auditions, musicians have the choice between two categories of programs : individual courses that make up the JOA and a two-year, twelve session advanced studies program.  details


Amateur music course
The amateur music course is a ten-day course in August covering symphony orchestra and music chamber music repertoirest. The course accepts between forty and fifty amateur musicians. Amateur Music Course

Continuing education courses
The cultural center organizes continuing education courses designed to give professional musicians an introduction to working with young children on music initiation and appreication. details

General Course Calendar 2004

11, place de l'Abbaye - BP 125 - 17100 Saintes - France 


For further details, application forms or other queries, please contact:

Dalsi informace:

E-mail-   mailto:joa@abbayeauxdames.org    or  www.abbayeauxdames.org 


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