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2003 SINGING COURSES organised by


Feb 21-23   Kassel  
Music of the Josquin Generation, with probably an invitation to sing in the lovely little chapel of the Schloss Wilhelmshöhe on the Sunday afternoon. Applications to me.

Feb 28 to March 2   Cambridge
Sadly not yet confirmed, and we don't yet know where we shall be. PLEASE let me or Selene know if you are interested and we will let you have details as soon as possible. Selene's email on the Website.

March 14-16   Akademie Klausenhof   
Lenten music, concentrating on the Penitential Psalms, an inexhaustible supply of wonderful music. Applications to Klausenhof - see website for contact details.

April 25-27 Munich   
An Eastertide weekend, probably again looking at repertoire from the Bavarian Court, and of course including Lassus. Applications to me.

May 10-11   Kilburn
The TVEMF weekend, Repertoire probably overlapping the Munich course, but including the High Mass at St Augustine's, which is always a splendid occasion. Applications to Vicky Helby (see Wesbite)

May 17-25 VENICE.
The course this year, back under my own direct control at last, is (not for that reason) quite a bit more expensive. The Palazzo has increased its charges by 20 per cent, and these will be shared by fewer singers, since I am determined to keep the group down to 26. In the pas
t we were often nearly 40 - in an attempt to keep the price down. Details will be available within days; it looks like being about 800 pounds each in a twin room ensuite. Repertoire 'Sacred music of the madrigalists', probably including the great 7-voice Missa Praeter rerum seriem of Rore, but I am on the track of something possibly even finer...!  Applications to me - there is a dedicated email address:  
Venice Academy@aol.com (Venice Academy two words!)

June 27-29 Wickham  
Music for St Peer and St Paul A further weekend with the Indian Franciscan sisters at Park Place, Wickham near Fareham. It will be good to be there in the early summer, after our wet weekend in December. I do hope we get a group capable of tackling the Palestrina Tu es Petrus mass and the magnificent but very challenging 6-part Propers from Byrd's Gradualia! Applications to me.

August 9-17 Summer Academy at Mondaye, near Bayeux in Normandy.
This year, exceptionally, we are there for the Assumption, which is a tremendous celebration - AND a chance to devote ourselves quite deliberately to Mary music. Our main theme will be Salve Regina, but again in music from as wide a period as possible. The pricing policy will be changed to reflect compromises on the part of the new 'management' at the Abbey, and in an attempt to keep the group to a reasonable size...
Applications to the Institut für Kunst, Musik & Sprachen at InstKMS@aol.com

Sept 25-27 Celle    
A new course in St Ludwig, next to the Französischen Garten in the centre of this  attractive historic town. Provisionally a reconstruction of Venetian vespers (Cavalli Vespero...  of 1675) for the Feast of St Michael Archangel. Applications to Susanne Behr (see Website)

October 24-26 Wickham - our third course in the centre near Fareham.
The Josquin Generation: A close look at the music of the composers born around 1440 - Josquin, Isaac, Obrecht, La Rue... an extraordinary explosion of talent within a few years and within a tiny geographical area. Difficult music, requiring something other than a standard (modern) SATB group - I would like to think we can find the right people to tackle some wonderful music. Applications to me.

December 12-14  Wickham
Advent course. It seemed last year that we had indeed found just the right place for the annual Advent gathering - and it was good to look for once at real Advent music, and not Christmas music. Let's hope this becomes a regular meeting. Applications to me.

December 28 to January 2 2004. Mont Ste Odile, Alsace
Early days, I know, but the Christmas Octave course in Alsace is obviously here to stay, and I am going to see whether Ryanair cannot be a little more helpful with their flights to Strasbourg - that would really open the course up for Brits. Please note the dates anyway and - watch this space! Applications to me.


This has suffered badly from my recent illness, and I am far too late getting it tied up. I hope to offer similar weekends in Berlin, Hamburg, Munich, Kassel and Karlsruhe looking at some of the splendid Purcell repertoire for choir with continuo, including soloists. Obviously the Funeral Sentences, obviously Jehova quam multi, but there is so much Purcell which nobody sings... Watch the website for details!

Please let me have your questions, suggestions, complaints, applications...

Michael Procter


Courses:  www.Michael-Procter.com

Venice:  www.Venice-Academy.com

Editions: www.Edition-MP.com

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