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adresar ansambl festivaly Cizi-Foreign Hudebniny, vydavatelstvi Koncerty (a rozhlas) Konference Kursy, vyuka letni skoly spolecnosti vyrobci 


Besides their own publications they supply music from other publishers.
LONDON PRO MUSICA from Great Britain. This is an excellent series covering early to late renaissance - one part to multi choral compositions - vocal - instrumental. The music includes valuable information on the composer, ways of performing the music and other useful notes.
J.M. FUZEAU Fac-similes from France. Baroque music including many Marais books for the gamba player. Marais, Daquin, Ballard, Boismortier, Clerambault, Couperin, Dandrieu, Kuhnel a Lebegue.
Kontakt: Trojská  56, Praha 8, 180 0             Tel: 02 9005583

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