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MODI GAUDIO was originally formed in about 1976 in England by David Freeman as a music ensemble playing medieval, renaissance, baroque and classical music on wind instruments, gambas, harpsichord and voice. After its founder moved to the Czech Republic in 1988 it became a voluntary organisation organising courses in making and playing period instruments. From 1991-1994 David and Michaela Freeman ran and organised, under the name Modi Gaudio, the Czech Early Music Festivals in Prague combined with playing courses lasting from one day to a week. From 1995 it has continued to run courses, advise and help others involved in Period Instrument Performance. It was also involved in preparing the music for the first new Early Music Publishing House after 1989. It has produced high quality translations of music books and catalogues for leading museums and publishing houses in Prague. A large library of music, plans and CDs are also available. Many instruments such as gambas, lutes, recorders, keyboards have been loaned (many due to the work of Poppy Holden who brought a Van Load of Instruments to Prague in the early 90s). A Database of over 500 people involved in early music has been produced.

What does it do:
MODI GAUDIO aims to aid and promote Period Instrument Performance in the Czech Republic. One of its main concerns at present is to aid co-ordination of the many aspects of this type of music.

MODI GAUDIO's courses have been held in several towns in the Czech Republic such as Brno, Prague, Roznov pod Radhostem, Valtice (Modi Gaudio helped the Valtice early music summer courses to get tutors from abroad - mainly British)

Who has been involved - this is also a LARGE "THANK YOU" to all those mentioned below for their generous help over the last ten years and more, in promoting period instrument performance in the Czech Republic:

MODI GAUDIO Making Courses have involved the following makers:
Alec Lorretto - renaissance recorders
Barbara Stanley - renaissance flutes
David van Edwards - lute
Michael Plant - gamba
Douglas Hollick - harpsichord
Dick Earle - baroque oboe

MODI GAUDIO Maintenance and Tuning Courses have involved:
Douglas Hollick - harpsichord
Martin Rembeck - harpsichord

MODI GAUDIO Playing Courses have involved the following performers:
Catherine Mackintosh - violin
Alison Bury - violin
Paul Boucher - violin
Susan Bicknell - viola
Nancy Hadden - renaissance and baroque flutes
Gail Hennessy - baroque oboe
Dick Earle - baroque oboe
Marius Argiros - baroque oboe
Andrew Clark - natural horn
Carole Cerasi - harpsichord
James Johnstone - harpsichord
Douglas Hollick - harpsichord
Richard Burnett - fortepiano
Christopher Stembridge - harpsichord
Stanislav Heller - harpsichord
Lynda Sayce - lute / theorbo
Jacob Linberg - lute
Hopkinson Smith - lute
Brian Wright - lute
Harvey Hope - guitars
Richard Boothby - gamba
Alison Crum - gamba
Jane Booth - clarinet
Lesley Schatzberger - clarinet
Sebastian Comberti - cello
Poppy Holden - voice

MODI GAUDIO Concerts have involved the following ensembles and soloists:
The Classical Flute Quartet (GB)
Jana Lewitova & Rudolf Merinsky (CZ)
Douglas Hollick (GB)
Vaganti (CZ)
Musica Antiqua of London (GB)
Dagmar Zarubova & Rudolf Zelenka (CZ)
Gioia Della Musica (CZ)
Camerata RSX (CZ)
Ars Cameralis (CZ)
Collegium Flauto Dolce (CZ)
Ensemble Clement Janequin (F)
Duodena Cantitans (CZ)
Musica Antiqua Praha (CZ)
Vladimir Ruso (SK)
Irena Troupova-Wilke & Matthias Wilke (CZ & D)
Musica Aeterna (SK)
Musica Viva Amsterdam (NL)
Brian Wright (GB)
Tibia (CZ)
Capella Antiqua Bambergensis (D)
Tabulatura (SK)
Affetti Musicali (A)
Dyskanti (CZ)
Circa 1500 (GB)
Richard Burnett & Poppy Holden (GB)
Telemann-Kammerorchester (D)
Original Prazsky Synkopicky Orchestr (CZ)
Nancy Hadden (USA)
Epoca Barocca (I)
Stanislav Heller (CZ/F)
Sagittarius (F)
Rozmberska Kapela (CZ)
Fretwork (GB)
Musica Fresca (CZ)
Richard Boothby & Shalev Ad-El (GB & I)
Amsterdam Loeki Stardust Quartet (NL)
Flores Musicae (CZ)
London Oboe Band (GB)
Locke Consort (NL)
Folia Dance Ensemble (NL)
Ensemble Jacques Moderne (F)
Hopkinson Smith (USA)
Sebastian Comberti & James Johnstone (GB)
Michal Novenko (CZ)
Dowland Consort (GB)
Harvey Hope (GB)
Barbara Willi (D)
Studio Versailles Opera (F)
Purcell Quartet (GB)
Capella Accademica (CZ)
Sonya Monosoff & Shalev Ad-El (USA & I)
Capella Regia Musicalis (CZ)
Irmtraud Hubatschek (A)
Musica Florea (CZ)
Michael Consort (CZ)
Musica Concertiva (I)
Bernhard Gillitzer (D)
Concertino Notturno Praha (CZ)
Laus Concentus (I)
Kaisers Harmonie (GB)
Lesley Schatzberger (GB)
Finchcock's Quartet (GB)
Christopher Stembridge (GB)
Catherine Mackintosh & James Johnstone (GB)
Harvey Hope (GB)
Brno Baroque Trio (CZ)
Virginia Pleasants (USA)
Dagmar Zarubova, Rudolf Zelenka & Bohumil Malotin (CZ)
Lorna Anderson, Jane Booth & Simon Nicholls (GB)
Brno Madrigal Quintet (CZ)
Melvy Tan & The New Mozart Ensemble (GB)
Daniela Ruso (SK)
Ars Antiqua de Paris (F)
Carole Cerasi (GB)
Les Musiciens du Louvre (F)


MODI GAUDIO consists of the Czech musicologist Dr. Michaela Freemanova and David Freeman a renaisance wind player and renaissance flute maker.
Michaela Freemanova has written two books, many articles and read papers at many international conferences. She is also a frequent radio presenter of music performed on period instruments. She is on many committees connected with period instrument performance.
David Freeman started the real growth in Czechoslovakia (later Czech Republic) of gamba playing, followed by the renaissance flute (or which he is a professional maker).
Together they have organised and arranged the funding of over fifty courses in making and playing early instruments; the Prague Early Music Festivals from 1991 - 1994 - a project based on education as well as bringing Europe's best period instrument performers to play in the historic halls of Prague; enabled the printing of some exciting Czech music as well as arranging for the sale worldwide and the importing of London Pro Music Edition to this country by Editio Simiae Ludentes. Now we are trying to provide an information centre (after printing and circulating small pamphlets of summer schools each year) for Period Instrument Performance in its many aspects. The Database of people and organisations involved in Early Music has received considerable interest from people abroad.
We still continue to offer the knowledge we have gained over many years to anyone interested.

David & Michaela Freeman
Kamenny Privoz 274
CZ - 252 82, Czech Republic
Tel & Fax  00420  (0)2 24282357
e-mail   mailto:czech-early-music@volny.cz

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