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Week of Renaissance Music

 Kloster Bernstein b. Sulz/Neckar (South Germany)


 March 28. - April 03. 2005


Michael Brüssing         Viola da gamba


During this week there will be mostly works for bigger groups (for example double choir works by Gabrieli, Schütz etc. ) of the late Renaissnce and early baroque, but also the possibility is given, to play in smaller chamber music formations.



Tagungshaus Kloster Bernstein

 Tel.: 07454 /8314


D- 72172 Sulz/Bernstein

 Fax: 07454 / 9805070




 200.- €


Contact/Kontakt:   Michael.Bruessing@viola-da-gamba.com

or/nebo   www.viola-da-gamba.com

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