The Roman-Catholic Parish of Brno-Lesná

Duchovní centrum P.Martina Středy a blahoslavené Marie Restituty

Dear friends:
To have a church in Lesná, the largest of Brno suburbs (about 25.000 residents), had been a wish and a dream of our faithful ever since 1968. This dream finally could come true, albeit not yet altogether, only after 1989.

Largely thanks to contributions coming from a great number of good people, perhaps including yourselves, eventually it became possible to build our present Spiritual Center. In the three years since the Center opened, its existence has been amply justified. It is our objective to assist people from our suburb in dealing with their concerns, cares and anxieties. We also wish to offer them hope which springs from faith and love, and to share in their joys. These goals are met by the parish ministry team currently consisting of our parish priest, permanent deacon and a nun, as well as by voluntary collaborators from among the people of our parish.

The services and other activities in the Center are attended by some 800 visitors weekly, a number which has already made our premises inadequate. In the future, we would like to add several common rooms for our children and the youth, an apartment for the priest, and eventually a worthy sanctuary, that is to say, a real church.

In spite of the exceptional selflessness of our faithful, some of whom have supported the construction by donating almost all their life’s savings, the project exceeds the limited means of our parish community. We have no monastic organization supporting us, nor a team of professional experts; the diocese can aid us with little beyond its moral support.

No doubt there are among you many who have assisted us in the past. We were unable to extend our thanks to a number of those who have, as their addresses are not known to us. Therefore, at least in this way we would like to express our deep gratitude to all our generous donors!

We would like to take this opportunity and ask once again for your kind help.
We also ask for your prayers for success of this good work.
Thank you so much! We mention our benefactors and upholders in the intercessions daily and offer a Holly Mass for them every Sunday.

Yours in Christ,

P. Pavel Hověz,
Parish Priest