was born in 1951 in Prague and since 1961 has been living in Teplice in the northern part of the Czech Republic. She graduated at a medical secondary school and now is a rehabilitation nurse in the hospital in Teplice. She has been writing poetry since 1985.

The author is influenced by the spiritul traditions in Czech and also in foreign poetry and by nature as being there moves her and fills her with contemplation. The author notices not only the outer phenomena in nature and in the human behaviour, but she also concerns on the „something“ which is hidden behind everything, she perceives remarkability of being and of the whole universe.

She has taken part in several literary competitions in the Northbohemian region and also in different places. Some of her poems were published in the local newspaper and in the collection of the poetry group XXVI. In 1994 came out her first book of poetry “In the Fisherman’s Net“ – at Rad publishers in Prague. In 2000 was published the book of poetry „With the Flavour of the Land“ and in 2002 „The Overgrown Paths“, both by ALFA-OMEGA publishers in Prague. The books consist of nature lyrics, reflexions of life and poems with spiritual theme. „The Overgrown Paths“ contains also two longer epic poems dedicated to two famous Czech women – lady Zdislava fromLemberk, who lived in the 13th Century and to the doctor Vlasta Kalalova – Lottiova from the 20th Century. Despite the many centuries that divide them, they are close to each other because of their heroic humanism.  She is a member of the literary club „Pegas“ in Melnik.  

Marie Dolistova has also written lyrics for songs with biblical theme, which were set to music by the Northern Bohemian composer Jan Buzek Ph.D. He composed a cantata for bass baritone, soprano, elocutionist, mixed choir and orchestra with the lyrics of her poem "The Legend of St. Adalbert", (1996).  
The premiere was in Teplice on 12 April 2001, performed by the Northern Bohemian Philharmonic Orchestra, the Northern Bohemian Philharmonic Choir and Soloists.

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