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Until January 4, 2008:

My office is in a villa in the Dvorecka street in Prague 4 - Podoli.

Eva Rysava, M.D.
Dvorecká 6
147 00 Praha 4
+420 (Czech Republic) 2 61213293

(Click on various parts of the map for details.)

As you see in the map, you go from the embankment of the Vltava river (Podolske nabrezi) through the Jeremenkova street. After about 200 meters you turn slightly to the left. There is a place where the car can pe parked. In the distance of about 100 m from the parking, there is my office.

In principle, the car may be parked immediately before the office. There is the place for 4 to 5 cars. However, the Dvorecka street is unidirectional. Then you would have to go some next 500 m through the Jeremenkova street, turn to the left and return the same distance by the Dvorecka.

From January 7, 2008:

Eva Rysava, M.D.
Krcska 1079/59
140 00 Praha 4
+420 (Czech Republic) 241 443 118, 241 443 120

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