Go Sheep dog Where you find me

Eva Rysava, M.D.
Krcska 1079/59
140 00 Praha 4
+420 (Czech Republic) 261 213 293

My office is now in the medical center Krcska in the Krcska street in Prague 4. You can reach it by bus No. 118 from the 'Dvorecke namesti' station. Go 4 stops to 'Krcska'. In the other direction you can use bus No. 118, 121, 124, or 205 from the metro station 'Budejovicka', one stop to 'Krcska'. Then about 100 m through the Krcska street. If you come by car, you can park anywhere in the Krcska or in any of the side-streets. However, it is possible that you may seek the place some time.

(Click onto various parts of the map to get pictures.)

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