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(updated Jan. 19, 2009)

Medical and pharmaceutical faculties

Health service

Spa Kynzvart Children nursing home Spa Kynzvart
Czech Medical Chamber
Stomato Czech Dental Chamber
MZCR Ministry of Health (in Czech only)
RZP Emergency Medical Service of Capital Prague (in Czech only)
NML National Medical Library (in Czech)

Lists, timetables etc.

Tel. seznam Telephone directory of Czech Republic (in Czech)
Jízdní řády Train and bus timetable
Mapy Maps of Czech Republic and its cities
Počasí Weather in Czech Republic (in Czech)


KATRIN International experiment KATRIN (search for the neutrino mass)
Pes Internet Daily Neviditelny pes (Invisible Dog), in Czech
Seznam Search engine, in Czech
Vysotski In memory of V. Vysotskii
Slovník Minidictionary (Czech -> Eng., Fr., Ger. and vice versa)
LotR Oficial site of the film Lord of the Rings
SETI Search for extraterrestrial civilizations
Sisyfos Czech Sceptical Club SISYFOS

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