Eyes Something about me

I have graduated at the Faculty od Paediatrics of the Charles University in 1974. Then I was employed in the hospital in Mlada Boleslav. First (three months) at the Department of Infectious Diseases of that hospital, then as an intern in the Children Department of the same hospital.

In 1979, I succeeded to find the enployment as a physician for the teen-agers in Prague 10. However, I always aspired to return to a work with children. In 1983, I was happy to find the employment at the Children Center in the Daskova street in Prague 4. After one year, when there appeared a possibility to change to the Children Center in the Dvorecka street, I went there. The only reason was that it was much closer to my domicile. On 2009, I had to change my office to Krčská street in Prague 4. I work there up to now.

The only change is in the fact, that beginning from 1994 I am not the 'state' but the 'private' physician. This change had no influence on you - the patients. (The only effect was great difficulties for me. I do not want to describe those difficulties here. If you live in the Czech Republic, you know the problems of our health service. If not, you would not believe it.)

So, you have read my professional CV. (If you are extremely curious, you can see me here). I always endeavour to read the medical journals to know the newest achievements in the medical science.

Finally, since the gossiping is a spice of the life: I live with one (the first) husband for 41 years already and we have two children.

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