Book of Kells, fo. 124r, detail, overturned



Hommage à Máol Mílscothach


 Book of Kells, fo. 124r, detail   

Catalogue of medieval Irish narratives & literary enumerations


This semifinished list of the medieval titles of Irish scéla is based primarily on d'Arbois de Jubainville's Essai d'un catalogue de la littérature épique de l'Irlande, other main sources are Proinsias Mac Cana's Learned Tales, Gerard Murphy etc., and various editions to the extent they were available to me. The list will be refreshed every time I obtain new data; many inaccuracies, disparate Irish spellings with slightly confusing alphabetical taxonomy, typos and cyclic references will be continuously corrected (for any tip-off to lapses I'll be very grateful).

Haphazardly I also included for comparative reasons various titles of legal and hagiographical texts and other not exactly "narrative" pieces.

Explanatory note: each item is divided into header (basic Irish title usually with English translation); • manuscripts incidence (place, name/signature, pagination, date); • edition and/or translation; → secondary literature and notes; → hyper-text references, and  ≈  www-links.

Štĕpán Kosík


Celticists connected by some way with the »Boiohaemum«

red gif   Josef Baudiš (1883—1933): biography by Václav Machek (50 kB, in Czech; English summary is in preparation) and bibliography (7 kB)

red gif   Kuno Meyer (1858—1919): biography and bibliography (275 kB) — in all likelihood he travelled via Prague several times to the Slovakian sanatorium Nový Smokovec (Uj-Tátra-füred) and the spa Piešťany (Hungarized then as Pöstyén-Teplic or Pöstény) to cure his scholars rheumatism

red gif   Julius Pokorny (1887—1970): biography and bibliography (27 kB) — born in Prague


Some related worthwhile links

red gif   Johan Corthals' MS-OMIT, that is Manuscript Sources to Old and Middle Irish Tales (with downloadable easily openable version)

red gif   CELT (Corpus of Electronic Texts): The Online Resource for Irish history, literature and politics (UCC)

red gif   ISOS — Irish Script on Screen ÷ Meamram Páipéar Ríomhaire

red gif   Early Manuscripts at Oxford University (esp. Bodleian Library & Corpus Christi College)

red gif   Patrick Brown's Ulster Cycle (translations and notes)

red gif   Steve Taylor's Táin Bó Cúailnge & Scél Mucci Mic Dathó (Irish & English)

red gif   Cattle-Raid of Cooley translated by L. Winifred Faraday (S. Taylor's page)

red gif   Dan M. Wiley: The Cycles of the Kings (sagas)

red gif   Dennis King: Sengoídelc — Quotations from Early Irish Literature

red gif   Charles D. Wright: Bibliographies: Old and Middle Irish; Hiberno-Latin; Medieval Literature

red gif   CSANA — The Celtic Studies Association of North America and its Celtic studies bibliography

red gif   BILL 4 — Bibliography of Irish Linguistics and Literature 1972— (draft) maintained by School of Celtic Studies (DIAS, Dublin)

red gif Catalogue — frames version (navigation file + main file + sources and abbreviations; large file: approx. 1 MB)

red gif Catalogue (main file; 900 kB)

red gif Sources and abbreviations (95 kB)


red gif Airec menman Uraird maic Coise (140 kB)

red gif Titles in TBCtituli & rubricæ (28 kB)

red gif Máol Mílscothach (in progress)



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