Here you can see a video by Fred Peralta from USA. I found it on YouTube and I got his permission to use it for my website. He sent me his very interesting comments.

           "I directed and edited this video for SubLOGIC while working for a local television station in Illinois. SubLOGIC needed a product demo for some software convention that they were going to. They didn't know anything about video production and we didn't know anything about computers and gaming, so we figured all this out while we went along.

           There wasn't any video card that we could find that translated the computer output to video, so we draped a computer monitor with black cloth to cut down glare, pointed the video camera at the screen and rolled videotape while the creators played the game. Once we had footage of all the various products, we had an announcer record the script, add the music and we edited the footage to the script. We made several VHS and beta copies of this video and off they went. I believe that shortly after this convention, Microsoft bought SubLOGIC and the Flight Simulator line.

           I found my copy of this video several years ago while cleaning out a closet and thought I'd throw it up on my YouTube Account. I've gotten more comments about this video than anything else, so there must be a large number of Flight Simulator fans out there".

           Yes, there are millions of the subLOGIC/Microsoft Flight Simulator fans. The video shows scenes from Microsoft Flight Simulator 2 for IBM PC (with a color composite monitor) and subLOGIC San Francisco STAR scenery disk. It is very rare.