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           At the end I would like to introduce some interesting links and my e-mail address. If you want to know some detailed information about history of Flight Simulator, information about other computer emulation on PC or about something else shown on my website, you can write to my e-mail address. I will try to do my best to send you my answer as soon as possible.


Flight Simulator History Website

           When you find out that there is a mistake on my website or some link does not work, please let me know. Also any additional information is welcome.

           There are some official MS Flight and MS Flight Simulator pages by Microsoft and the close community.

Microsoft Flight

Microsoft Flight Simulator X

Microsoft Flight Simulator Insider

Microsoft Flight Simulator X Steem

           A very interesting website is by Kevin Savetz. There you can find full text of classic flight simulation books. For example: “40 Great Flight Simulator Adventures” or “40 More Great Flight Simulator Adventures” by Charles Gulick and many others.

           Next logo is the logo of Satoshi "Bin" Hiranumas website from Japan. His site is not dedicated to only Flight Simulator but it covers many flight simulation programs, “peace” a “combat” as well. Unfortunately the website is mostly in Japanese language but you can find a timeline and many screenshots. Thanks to him I acquired much valuable information regarding to Japanese releases.


           I placed here a logo of Internet auction eBay. With overstatement you can buy there almost all from a space shuttle to John Lennon’s glasses. When you insert a key word “Flight Simulator” into search box, you can find a lot of selling items. You can bid and buy. You need only registration. I recommend you.


What to say at the absolute end? I hope it is not end. The main purpose of my web pages is tribute to the legend of flight simulation, to program Flight Simulator. I wanted to cover exact timeline of all releases and made it on pages in Czech language. Later I made English version. History of Flight Simulator continues and I will continue with development of my pages. I would like to add separate pages for each version, some next downloads of early versions with emulators and other interesting things.


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