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  • "Fact Sheet No. 16: Use of Spread Spectrum, Wireless Fidelity and WiMAX Equipment in Barbados," Barbados Telecommunications Unit.
  • Chapter 7 and Annex 4 of the Barbados' draft Spectrum Management Handbook are devoted to "Short-Range Devices" - the Annex being for technical specifications and exemptions. Annex 5 is devoted to "Barbados Use of 802.xxy Devices and Wireless Networking Policy". WiFi, Bluetooth and HomeRF are included in Annex 5: "For the purpose of wireless networks in Barbados the Telecommunications Unit chooses to use the same principles as laid down in the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) Code of Federal Regulations (CFR) Part 15.247... Although no licence is required to operate Wi-Fi devices in Barbados these systems are not unregulated... The restrictions include requirements that the power of the devices' antennas do not exceed certain limits (250 milliwatts)... Wi-Fi equipment used in Barbados once certified by the Wi-Fi Alliance need no individual type approval certification from the Telecommunications Unit. Persons wishing to set up Wi-Fi 'hot spots' in Barbados must submit details of their antenna sites to the Telecommunications Unit after having obtained the approval from the Town and Country Planning Department, they must also submit the details of the Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitting antenna as laid down in the Telecommunications Radio Frequency (RF) Transmitting Antenna Inspection Policy. The band(s) to be used must also be submitted to the Telecommunications Unit. No spectrum licence fees are charged for the use of the 802. xxy or RLAN in Barbados. Persons providing Wide Area Networks (WAN), Metropolitan Area Networks (MANs) or Local Area Networks (LANs) must obtain a Private or Public (LAN/WAN) [license?] as the case may be from the Telecommunications Unit. In cases where service is being provided to the public, a service provider licence is also required. A free Spectrum Licence will be issued."
  • Even though Annex 5 of the Spectrum Management Handbook says "no licence is required to operate Wi-Fi devices in Barbados," the "Licenses" page of the Telecommunications Unit's website lists:
    • "Private Local Area Network (Speech and Data Systems) Licence"
    • "Public Local Area Network (Speech and Data Systems) Licence"
    • "Licence for Radio-Controlled Models"
    • "Licence to operate a Satellite Television Receiver Antenna" etc.
    We are confused...

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