EUROPE - Regulatory Treatment of Wi-fi in the 2.4 GHz band
Country Unlicensed Licensed Prohibited
Albania green checkmark    
Andorra green checkmark? for home use; state monopoly in public data services
Austria green checkmark    
Belarus - Беларусь no license for indoor self-use; government "approval" needed for outdoor use, non-self use  
Belgium green checkmark    
Bosnia & Hercegovina green checkmark    
Bulgaria - България green checkmark - but general authorization required for outdoor use and public service    
Canary Islands (Spain) green checkmark    
Croatia green checkmark    
Cyprus green checkmark    
Czech Republic green checkmark    
Denmark green checkmark    
Estonia green checkmark    
Finland green checkmark    
France green checkmark but outdoor emissions in the 2454 - 2483.5 MHz range are limited to 10mW until 2011    
Germany green checkmark    
Gibraltar License exempt with "integral antenna," license required for "external antenna," additional authorisation required for public service  
Greece green checkmark    
Hungary green checkmark    
Iceland green checkmark    
Ireland green checkmark    
Italy green checkmark    
Latvia green checkmark    
Liechtenstein green checkmark    
Lithuania green checkmark    
Luxembourg green checkmark    
Macedonia - Македонија green checkmarksoon? see details page    
Malta In transition: regulator deciding which radio services need only "general authorization." Pending that decision, WiFi is exempt from license fees.  
Montenegro - Crna Gora green checkmark but outdoor WLANs must be registered and a license is needed for telecom service provision to public    
Netherlands green checkmark    
Norway green checkmark    
Poland green checkmark    
Portugal green checkmark    
Romania (conflicting information)  
Russian Federation - Российской Федерации green checkmark indoor use only - see details page    
San Marino      
Serbia - Србија green checkmark    
Slovakia green checkmark    
Slovenia green checkmark    
Spain green checkmark    
Sweden green checkmark    
Switzerland green checkmark but commercial telecom providers may need a "service license" - Ofcom decides    
United Kingdom green checkmark    
Ukraine - України   black checkmark (see details page).  
Vatican City ?    

Click on the Country names in this table for links to documentation, background reports, etc. - particularly where we have not summarized the regulatory treatment of Wi-fi:

LATIN AMERICA - Regulatory Treatment of Wi-fi in the 2.4 GHz band
Country Unlicensed Licensed Prohibited
Argentina green checkmark    
Barbados Contradictory information - the regulator says "no licence is required to operate Wi-Fi devices in Barbados" but then lists several relevant license types, including one for private LANs  
Bolivia Status unclear - see details page
Brazil green checkmark    
Caribbean (misc.) See details page
Chile green checkmark    
Colombia green checkmark    
Costa Rica green checkmark    
Cuba   black checkmark  
Dominican Republic green checkmark    
Ecuador green checkmark    
El Salvador Unclear - the national allocation table seems to require individual licenses; but an ITU database says the regime is "free use as long as systems are within power and coverage limitations." Meanwhile, the national telecom law speaks of "free usage bands that require a license"  
French Guyana green checkmark but use of 2400-2420 MHz is forbidden. See details page.    
Guatemala   See details page
Guyana   black checkmark Certainly for WISPs and public access, and probably for all other uses, too. See details page  
Honduras green checkmark General license for public wi-fi, no license for private wi-fi  
Jamaica green checkmark since June 2005    
Maldives   black checkmark licensing of outdoor use imposed in 2004.  
Mexico green checkmark    
Nicaragua   black checkmark for outdoor and public use, although indoor WLANs for self-use are apparently license exempt. However, all WLANs must pay spectrum use fees.  
Panama green checkmark? - at least for indoor use    
Paraguay green checkmark    
Peru indoor use: green checkmark    
Uruguay No license for personal use; commercial systems need authorization  

Click on the Country names in this table for links to documentation, background reports, etc. - particularly where we have not summarized the regulatory treatment of Wi-fi:

MIDDLE EAST - Regulatory Treatment of Wi-fi in the 2.4 GHz band
Country Unlicensed Licensed Prohibited
Bahrain   WLAN, Bluetooth and 2.4 GHz cordless phone owners must apply for free licenses online.  
Egypt   but rules being reviewed  
Iran ?    
Iraq ?    
Jordan only indoors    
Lebanon 2.4 GHz band licensed to incumbent telco, so regulator limits outdoor use by other firms.  
Oman but only indoor use allowed    
Palestinian Territories    
Qatar case-by-case permission while creating a legal/regulatory framework
Saudi Arabia only indoors for self-use, with user log   
Turkey indoors only    
United Arab Emirates but outdoor use restricted.    

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Regulatory Treatment of Wi-fi in the 2.4 GHz band
Country Unlicensed Licensed Prohibited
Afghanistan green checkmark    
Armenia green checkmark    
Australia   black checkmarkclass license  
Azerbaijan no license for indoor use at less than 30mW black checkmark for outdoor use at more than 30mW  
Bangladesh Very odd situation/in transition to license exempt - see details page
Bhutan Contradictory information - see details page.  
Brunei probably    
Burma (Myanmar)   black checkmark  
Cambodia green checkmark?    
China No radio license for WiFi, but Internet connection may need a "Network Access License"  
East Timor (Timor Leste) green checkmark Legal vacuum - telecom ministry allocates spectrum but does not grant licenses or "regulate"    
Georgia green checkmark but (free) permit needed for service provision on commercial basis    
Hong Kong green checkmark but those offering service to the public need to register to obtain a "class license"    
India green checkmark    
Indonesia green checkmark    
Japan green checkmark    
Kazakhstan No license needed for WiFi systems for self-use    
Korea North     probably
Korea South green checkmark    
Kyrgyzstan WiFi partly de-licensed in April 2006    
Macau green checkmark but only for private indoor use    
Malaysia   black checkmarkno-fee class license  
Maldive Islands see details page
Mongolia   black checkmark but enforcement is a problem  
Myanmar (Burma)   black checkmark  
Nepal green checkmark up to 4W EIRP    
New Zealand   black checkmark "General User Licence"  
Pacific Islands see details page
Pakistan   "site approval" required  
Philippines green checkmark for indoor use, max. EIRP 250 mW    
Singapore green checkmark with restrictions (see details page)    
Sri Lanka   black checkmark  
Taiwan green checkmark    
Tajikistan   black checkmark registration required  
Thailand green checkmark but outdoor use is illegal    
Tibet ?    
Turkmenistan   ?  
Uzbekistan conflicting information  
Vietnam   black checkmark  

Regulatory Treatment of Wi-fi in the 2.4 GHz band
Country Unlicensed Licensed Prohibited
Algeria   black checkmark  
Angola   black checkmark but enforcement is weak  
Benin   black checkmark indoors only; public service offerings approved on a case-by-case basis  
Botswana Conflicting information. See details page  
Burkina Faso   black checkmark but no enforcement capability and licenses issued automatically  
Burundi   black checkmark  
Cameroun black checkmark class license for self-use; operator license for public service offerings; limited enforcement  
Cape Verde In flux - see details page  
Central African Republic green checkmark no enforcement of the need to register    
Chad   black checkmarklicense issued automatically for indoor use, power limited to 40mW  
Comoros green checkmark No regulator - class license issued automatically    
Congo - Brazzaville      
Côte d'Ivoire green checkmark but in flux (see details page)    
Democratic Republic of Congo   black checkmark  
Equatorial Guinea One operator monopolizes fixed/mobile telephony and Internet; offers customers WiFi access. Customer premises equipment seems to need no license, but it may be illegal for anyone else to offer public or paid net access.)  
Eritrea   See details page  
Ethiopia green checkmark no commercial service provision and only indoor use    
Gabon   black checkmark Authorization required for private WLANs, licenses for public WLANs  
Gambia   black checkmark but weak enforcement  
Ghana conflicting information - may be unlicensed for self-use, licensed for commercial/public services  
Guinea green checkmark?    
Guinea Bissau      
Kenya   "general class license... within premises or campuses"  
Lesotho green checkmark    
Liberia In transition (see details page)  
Libyan Arab Jamahiriya      
Madagascar   black checkmark - at least for public Internet access services  
Malawi   black checkmark - class license issued automatically for WLANs of up to 4 Watts - no voice allowed.  
Mali green checkmark " control, monitoring or other oversight" (Neto, 2004)    
Mauritania unclear, but licensing proposed even before military coup in 2005
Mauritius see details page: licenses required for public service (max. power of 10W); private use at lower-power is exempt from license fee, indoor use is license exempt  
Morocco green checkmarkindoors only, and not permitted in 20 areas - see details page.    
Mozambique Contradictory information
Namibia green checkmark only within one's property    
Niger   black checkmarkAuthorization given automatically after registration and payment of fee; no power limit.  
Nigeria WiFi for self-use is license exempt; provision of service to 3rd parties requires an ISP license even if service is free  
Republic of South Africa Commercial Internet access services need an Electronic Communications Service License. Only nonpublic WLANs confined to private premises are license exempt.  
Rwanda green checkmark    
São Tomé and Príncipe Liberalization beginning but legal/regulatory framework still incomplete
Sénégal green checkmark (but see details page for restrictions)    
Seychelles   black checkmark  
Sierra Leone New telecom law adopted in 2006, creating new regulator - too soon for a clear policy
Somalia anarchy    
Somaliland anarchy    
Swaziland No regulations
Tanzania   black checkmark All uses of radio are licensed but which types apply to WiFi is unclear. The regulator recognizes an "exempt license" as a type of license (!) however, a "Localised Radiocommunication Station Licence" is required for some ISM devices (WLANs not mentioned). Another possibility is the "Wireless Data Radio Station" license. For public service offerings, a "Communications and Network Services" license may also be needed.  
Togo green checkmarkprobably    
Tunisia green checkmark?    
Uganda   black checkmarkSince August 2006, WISPs need a Capacity Provider License to use 2.4 GHz; private users need a General Authorisation Licence  
Zambia   black checkmark - class license (1W power limit)  
Zimbabwe   black checkmarkSee details page: Wi-fi severely restricted and licensed.