The International Telecommunications Union

The International Telecommunications Union is a specialized agency of the United Nations. It is actually much older than the UN. In fact, its predecessor, the International Telegraphic Union, was formed in the 1860s and was the first international agency. The ITU coordinates the regulation of radio internationally. The international radio regulations take the form of a treaty which is revised periodically and which ITU member nations must ratify. ITU-R Question 213/1 concerns "Technical and operating parameters and spectrum requirements for short-range devices." Working Party 1A recognized in 1998 that the three ITU regions were taking different approaches to the regulation of short-range devices (SRDs). (from the ITU's perspective, Region 1 is Europe and Africa, Region 2 is North Central and South America, and Region 3 is Austral-Asia.)

World Radio Conference, 8 October - 2 November 2007

Twenty-one agenda items were defined at WRC-2003. Countries often begin their preparation by compiling a list of "national concerns" related to each item on the WRC agenda. These concerns then become part of the discussions leading to either a national position statement or a proposal for WRC-2007. Resolution 63 concerns interference from industrial, scientific, and medical (ISM) equipment, and calls for further studies on the limits to be imposed on ISM equipment within and outside the bands designated for its use. Since some of the ISM bands are also used by Wi-fi and other license-exempt services, any change in the noise levels allowed in these bands are relevant to the future development of unlicensed services in these bands. Resolution 952 [COM7/3] concerns Ultra Wide-band (UWB) systems. There is a need to study the issues raised by these systems, including sharing and regulatory procedures. Agenda Item 6: to identify those items requiring urgent action by the Radiocommunication Study Groups in preparation for the next world radiocommunication conference; Agenda Item 7.2: "...recommend to the Council items for inclusion in the agenda for the next WRC, and to give its views on the preliminary agenda for the subsequent conference and on possible agenda items for future conferences, taking into account [WRC-03] Resolution 803." The preparatory process for WRC-2007 is longer than previous WRCs. It will climax in a meeting late in 2006 known as CPM-06(2), at which a report to WRC-2007 will be drafted.