• "Kosovo Telecommunications," Chapter 17 of the International Comparative Legal Guide Series, 2011
  • Autoriteti Rregullator i Telekomunikacionit (ART): "The Law on Telecommunications adopted by the Assembly of Kosovo on December 10 2002 regulates the communications sector in Kosovo. The Law entered into force with UNMIK Regulation No. 2003/16 promulgated by the Special Representative of the Secretary General (SRSG) in May 2003. This Law established the Telecommunications Regulatory Authority..."
  • UNMIK/REG 2003/16: "Telekomunikacionet te Miratuar nga Kuvendi I Kosoves" [Law on Telecommunications Adopted by the Assembly of Kosovo], May 2003, text in Albanian). The official English translation is here and here. Section 28 authorizes the granting of rights to use certain frequency bands without a license. Sections 63-67 deal with frequency management.
  • "Tabela e Shpërndarjes dhe Shfrytëzimit të Spektrit Frekuencorë në Republikën e Kosovës" [Table of frequency allocations and utilizations] from 9 kHz to 275 GHz, TRA, November 2010, 179 pages.
  • Administrative Direction No. 2004/19," UN Mission in Kosovo, 19 July 2004, in English: "...setting out the responsibilities and functions of [the] Frequency Management Office with respect to the management of radio frequencies in Kosovo..." FMO is the successor to the TRA's Frequency Management Unit.
  • "Kosovo Telecommunications: Linked with the Legal Status," by Gani Lajqi, OneWorld SouthEast Europe, 27 November 2006, in English: "Today, the telecommunications market in Kosovo is in chaos... there are no free frequencies because the frequency spectrum is abused at will by illegal operators; the law on telecommunications lives in name only, for its text is completely senseless; the fundamental rules for the functioning of liberalized market don't exist, while the regulator needs a massive training in order to be able to perform the most basic duties... A surprising fact about telecommunications in general is that despite being on the media headlines all the time during last couple of years for high prices, numerous complaints by the end-users, etc no civil society organization [has] raised [its] voice about this matter. All hope for better days..."
  • Ministria e Transportit dhe Postë-Telekomunikacionit.

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