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  • At the time of Isabel Neto's 2004 survey of WiFi regulation in Africa, there was no regulator or regulation of WiFi in this country.
  • English-language summary of "Acaba em Janeiro o Monopólio da CST," Liberal Cabo Verde, 15 October 2006, in Portuguese: in November 2006, Autoridade Geral de Regulação das Telecomunicações em São Tomé e Príncipe (AGR, the General Authority of Telecom Regulation in São Tomé and Príncipe) began negotiations with Company São-tomense de Telecomunicações to end CST's monopoly in telecommunications. But legal norms putting the Basic Law on Telecommunications into practice still need to be developed so that liberalization of the market can become a reality - particularly laws on licensing and tariffs. Nevertheless, AGR plans to issue 20-year licenses to new mobile telephone network operators in January 2007.
  • The Country Profile prepared for the European Commission's NovaTech-ProInvest conference in Mali (November 2006) said that "2004 saw the abolition of CST's monopoly over Internet access provision and data transmission." But CST is still the dominant ISP and "offers Wi-Fi connections."

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