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  • "Jamming The Airwaves Is A Privilege And Not A Right," by Ali M. Gulaid, The Somaliland Times, 15 June 2002: "According to an article in Haatuf News, edition 91, the Minister of Information has banned importing private radio equipment and transmission of private radio signals through the airwaves until the governing regulations are instituted... "
  • A Case Study on Somaliland, in the Framework of the WDR Project by Knud Eric Skouby and Reza Tadayoni, World Dialogue on Regulation for Network Economies, Discussion Paper WDR-0306 (February 2004): "There is no telecom regulatory institution in Somaliland... only acceptance by ruling political forces is needed to enter the market. There are no licenses..." (Note that Somaliland is not generally recognised as a country.)

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