GBAK utility


  Database backup
gbak [-B] [options] database target1 [size1[k|m|g] target2 [size2[k|m|g] target3 ...] ]

  Database restore
gbak {-C|-R} [options] source1 [ source2 ...] dbfile1 [ size1 dbfile2 [ size2 dbfile3 ...] ]


  Backup to file on client:
gbak -B  myserver:d:\db.fdb  c:\db.fbk

  Backup to file on server:
gbak -B  d:\db.fdb  d:\db.fbk  -service myserver:service_mgr

  Backup to stdout (Unix, Windows since Firebird 1.5):
gbak -B  d:\db.fdb  stdout

  Backup to tape (Unix, Windows):
gbak -B  d:\db.fdb  /dev/rmt/0
gbak -B  d:\db.fdb  \\.\tape0

  Backup & Restore in one operation (without creating intermediate file)
gbak -B  d:\db.fdb  stdout | gbak -C stdin  d:\db2.fdb
  (note that "stdout" and "stdin" must be in lowercase)


Backup prints informations every 20000 records:

gbak:     writing data for table T
gbak: 20000 records written
gbak: 40000 records written
gbak: 50000 records written

Restore prints informations every 10000 records:

gbak: restoring data for table T
gbak:    10000 records restored
gbak:    20000 records restored
gbak:    20003 records restored

Metadata-only backup backups values of non-system generators !

Written by Ivan Prenosil, 2004, 2009