Junior Ranger Project



Junior Ranger Project (JRP)

The Junior Ranger Project is for children. By providing young people with opportunities to participate in ranger work, protected areas fulfil their educational role whilst enhancing understanding of their aims and appreciation of the natural and cultural resources they protect.

The Junior Ranger Project is a EUROPARC Federation pilot project, which has been going on in many European countries since 2002 (Germany, Great Britain, Czech Republic, Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Romania, Italy, etc.)  see links to JRP.

JRP aims

  • Creating a network of youngsters who actively participate in nature protection and act as advocates for their home protected area.

  • Improving youngsters’ knowledge of the ranger profession, thus raising the profession’s profile and the number of young people choosing the ranger profession or other jobs in nature conservation.

  • Raising awareness about the natural, cultural, social and economic values of protected areas, as well as their role and daily work.

  • Enhancing recognition of protected areas and their administrations’ achievements – enthusiastic junior rangers act as multipliers among families, schoolmates and friends.

  • Promoting friendship and a group ethic between young people by engaging them in the achievement of the common goals of European protected areas.



Low-cost JRP version

Some organisations and National Parks have limited resources. Low-cost JRP enables them to have a JRP with less money and people required.

Specific programmes developed and published in my graduate and post graduate theses have universal criteria and are suitable for JRP in different protected areas in Central Europe. They contain basic general characteristics for each ranger (communication, interpretation, presentation, negotiation, facilitation, etc.) and they are useful in relation to visitors. The Junior Ranger is then able to communicate with visitors about nature conservation issues and with local communities about their concerns. Sharing these general experiences and skills is important for the development of Junior Ranger education and training programmes. It could also lead to a common profile and standards for rangers across Europe.

JRP low-cost programmes

  • Ranger and Protected Areas

  • Ranger and outdoor skills

  • Ranger and legislation

  • Ranger and communication

  • Ranger and information

  • Ranger and presentation

  • Ranger and field facilities

  • Ranger and ranger service

  • Ranger and parents of JRs

This Project enables Junior Rangers to follow specific training programmes which give them a wide general knowledge and complementary skills similar to a real ranger in protected areas across Europe.

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