Alex Dog Training / Hotel

After one visit...Dogs ask for our names!



We wish you all a very Happy 2013. 

New Agility classes 2013 upcoming in spring. There will be 10 lessons from one hour. For more information please call or e-mail

Free dog training lessons are every Saturday in Prague 7, Letna Park, near Sparta

Dog Hotel

In the village Pozden about 35 km from Prague we have our dog hotel. The difference between our hotel and others is that the dogs are staying in the house without being locked in a kennel. Of course we have kennels but those are for dogs that can not stay in a group. The dogs go 3 times day out in the back yard and we take them for a walk at least for 1 hour. We would like to give your dog a good home feeling while you are away and give him/her also a holiday and make new friend to play with. If you have an over weighted dog we can and will give him a diet so he/she becomes fit again. We will also give you advice how to reduce weight on a healthy base. Also your dog will lean how to behave in a group of dogs. If you have any questions you are welcome to write us or give us a call.