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We wish you all a very Happy 2013. 

New Agility classes 2013 upcoming in spring. There will be 10 lessons from one hour. For more information please call or e-mail

Free dog training lessons are every Saturday in Prague 7, Letna Park, near Sparta

Problem Dogs

At some point many people have problems with their dogs. However, there are some dogs that develop into "Problem Dogs". This often leads to giving the dog away or worse putting the dog down. Things do not need to progress this far, and certainly there are a number of training corrections that can be applied to change a "Problem Dog" into a well adjusted dog. Some of the more common problems that we see are:

Your dog shows aggression towards you, family and friends or other dogs.
Your dog constantly ignores your commands
Your dog barks constantly and will not stop
Your dog is aggressive towards objects or in certain places and situations
Your dog shows fear of people, places, other dogs, or objects.

This is just a sampling, there are plenty of other problems, most have solutions.

We give seminars and develop programs to teach either a handler or a dog the necessary corrections to overcome many of these problems. If any of the above sounds familiar, feel free to contact us, we may be able to help.