Alex Dog Training / Hotel

After one visit...Dogs ask for our names!



We wish you all a very Happy 2013. 

New Agility classes 2013 upcoming in spring. There will be 10 lessons from one hour. For more information please call or e-mail

Free dog training lessons are every Saturday in Prague 7, Letna Park, near Sparta

Why Work With Us

K9 Dogs Europe has been in the business of training the European German Shepherd and Malinios for over 33 years. This is 33 years of training, breeding, selecting and working everyday. Not only as a Military or Police facility, but also as a company placing personal protection dogs in homes just like yours. We firmly believe there is a vast difference between a Military and Police dog and a family protector, both in personality and in temperament. Many Military and Police trainers train personal protection dogs on the side. They can sell a few substandard dogs to you, the novice unknowing buyer, make some extra money and have little or no work or money in the dog. They surely will not guarantee the dog and if you try to get your money back then, remember their the Police not you, who do you think will win that one, unfortunately we have seen it to many times to count.

We have extensive knowledge in the training of Military and Police dogs and have taken certain aspects out of that training and incorporated them into our training program here at K9 Dogs Europe. We can, but we choose not to sell Military or Police dogs. We focus in only on the dog trained for you and your family.