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Welcome to camping site Dolní Domaslavice.

We are located at one of many bays of "Žermanice" dam. The camp area is surrounded by beautiful countryside where the weather stays nice and water is warm and clean throughout the whole summer. 

Camping Site Description:
Our camping site offers about 200 spots for tents and caravans, which provides enough space for your whole family and even pets.
There are no fences around the camp, however there is one main entrance gate which is operated by the camp manager. The camp opens every year on the 1st. of May and does not close until September 30. The camp provides complete sanitarian accommodations with drinking water and a small convenient store where
you can buy necessary food, drinks, etc. We also offer 220V power supply. In case you'd like to use this service, please bring you own power cable extension. Those who use PB (propane-butane) tanks will be pleased by the opportunity of recharging their tanks in the nearby neighborhood.
If you'd like to see some images of the camp, click here. Please note, that this website was created just recently and therefore we were not able to provide summer images.

Actual situacion and photo 1.5.2010

How to find us ?
Simply : Czech republic > North Moravia > city Havířov > direction to Český Těšín > in Havířov turn right on the Bludovický kopec ( hill )    > direction to Soběšovice > in Soběšovice go down the hill >stop please, here you are.

In case you need a more detailed description, we prepared this arrival map.

Payment Information:
Our Prices are very fair and not only for the top five percent. Cash is the only payment method accepted.

Please don't miss the opportunity for you and your family to have a beautiful vacation and  contact us today to make your reservations.

If doesn´t like something on our pages,                                               PS: Services marked  * necessary order in advance.
please make claim to Havířov railway station
or on e-mail: jzm@atlas.cz

Camping site details

Camping site Soběšovice is located on Žermanice dam coves. Capacity is around 200 places for tents for tents or caravans. Camping site has not fance, but enter is through the lodge,  where is also settled camping manager. Camping site is open since 1th May till 30th September. There is complete sanity installations with drinking water and  minishop, where you can buy necessary food, drinks , etc. In the case that you got extension cable there is possibility to plug 220V power supply. In close neighbourhood is possibility to fill up PB (propane-butane) tanks.

    Our camp also provides a restaurant with tasty meals for low prices.       

Adresses and phones

Camp Manager Zdeněk Hrabec
Phone: +420608405681
email: stanislav.hrabec@seznam.cz
Camp Address: Tábořiště u rybárny
Dolní Domaslavice
739 38 okr. Frýdek Místek
Phone: +420608405681

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