Document description

This document describe how is supported and maintained isag program and which processes are set for this purpose.

New version of sysstat

This chapter describes what have to do after new release of Sebastien's sysstat.

SAR switches

The new version can support new switches for sar. These switches have to be incorporated into sar grapher.

SAR output data format

Sa grapher uses textual data output from sar. And this implies needed documentation: Description of format of output data. I think that this is easiest way to maintain sar documentation.

Bugs or disfunctions

This chapter describes how is suported released version.

Support line

Step One: Please read documentation carefully, problem and solution can be described here.

Step two: send it to: linux_monitorvolnycz

No other steps are not defined.

Support processes

These processes are inhibited when bug report is received.

Problem classification





Program is generally unusable

Program can't be used, after correct installation.


Some conditions causes an error

Some operations regularly causes an error(s).


Unusual conditions causes an error, design, mistyping etc.

Operations in specific conditions or irregularly causes an error(s).


Unrecognized level

This can be new idea or needed feature

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