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Adventurer by nature. I dedicate myself to traveling and discovering the new worlds. The touch with foreign cultures enables me to discover plenty of cultures, to understand different regional customs, opinions and values and that all gives me the opportunity to see the life from various perspectives. 

Most of all, I enjoy the opportunity of monitoring and comparing the lifestyle change at my homeland and abroad tracked in time. The works of other travelers, researchers and photographers have become the exhaustless source of my inspiration.

I have decided to set up this web site after gaining some travel experiences of my own. Here, I would like to share my travel experiences with the others, who use camera and pencil as a tools to note their discoveries.The photography has become my great passion and I have found it as an excellent relaxing activity of my free time. I like doing landscape, nature, street still life and travel photos but I do not limit myself only to these topics. 

Regarding myself - I am Slovak by origin and I had spent part of my life living abroad in Italy, Israel and Republic of Paraguay. The travel bug has taken me to other more than 40 countries. I live in Czech Republic today.

My fellow traveller both in the life and on the roads is Gabi

Wish you a good light and safe roads,




- Praha, Czech Republic, Lights and Shadows of Tunisia (together with Gabriela Kasparova). English. Czech.
- Zlin, Czech Republic, What we have seen on our roads and the others have passed by (group of photographers). More.

Published works:
Further my work has appeared in: Paladix photo-on-line magazine (CZ), Photo Life Magazine (Czech Republic), eDovolena (CZ), Travel Photographers Network (UK), Optica Moda (CZ), Treti Vek (CZ) and Czech Railways - Railway Museum website (CZ).








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