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Michal Hecht´s

Private school of non-verbal acting education

for school year 2008/09



NON-VERBAL workshop 2007

 for students from GB, Ireland and Czech Republic 

It was NON-VERBAL workshop for students from GB, Ireland and Czech Republic this year in Hronov 2007. This workshop group was led by Michal Hecht (Czech actor, director and teacher of non-verbal theatre). The language was English. 

            This workshop includes a lot of forms of non-verbal theatres. All the participants will get the basic of knowledge of the stage body language. They'll try classical and modern pantomime, expression theatre movement, improvisation and basic of stage acrobatics (falling and fighting techniques, somersaults, pyramids, etc.). The whole period will include a hard physical training and basic of caring of muscles (massage techniques). 

            The participants will co-operate on dramatizing of chosen literature script into the non-verbal performance. 

It was chosen the legend of the King Arthur’s quest to find the Holy Grail for this season of Hronov festival non-verbal workshop.

            The participants created different scenes from this theme by non-verbal improvisation using a lot of jokes and parody. We put them on the stage and showed to the other participants of Hronov festival as our final demo performance.

Jiraskuv Hronov 2005
Czech National Amateur Theatre Festival

led by Michal Hecht

Place: Hronov (Eastern Bohemia, Czech Republic, cca. 160 km from Prague)
Date: 4th (arrivals) - 14th (departures) August 2005
Costs: 250 € (course, accommodation, full board, free access to festival performances).

This workshop covers a lot of non-verbal theatre forms and methods.

  • Basics of stage body language.
  • Methods of traditional and modern pantomime, expression theatre movement, basics of clownery, grotesque, visual acting and acting with masks - all useful for stage, open air performing or street theatre.
  • One-man acting, group performing and improvisation.
  • Stage acrobatics (falling and fighting techniques, pyramids building etc.).
  • Basics of script-writing for the purpose of non-verbal shows.
  • Directing.

We made several demo shows for the public during the course.

Finally we prepared a project as a real performance presented for all participants of the Festival "Jiraskuv Hronov" and maybe at other festivals in different places and countries.

The final project was dramatising of Jack London's "The Star Rover".