for school year 2008/09


  • International course for young people (18-25) lead by Michal Hecht (Czech mime and teacher of non-verbal acting, administrator of Czech centre of AITA/IATA)
  • Thought by Michal Hecht and many different Czech theatre teachers
  • Course language - English
  • Organized by private school ”MIMCHAL'School”
  • Running in Pilsen - a little town (the home of Pilsner beer) in Czech Republic, 70 km from Prague

About the course

The course will cover various forms of non-verbal theatre. All students will receive full training in the art of theatre without words, including body language for the stage, classic and modern pantomime, expression theatre movement, creation of sensitivity, the use of „soul” on stage, and all the necessary basics for non-verbal acting.

Hard physical training is a key element of the course throughout its duration. Along with the physical training, students will learn how to look after their muscles (massage techniques), and address psychological aspects for acting work.

The non-verbal theatre course is composed of several mini courses on the various forms of this genre (pantomime, non-verbal drama, street dance or ritual theatre, storytelling without words, etc). Each of these mini-courses will culminate in a demo show and will be presented to the public. We will perform our shows on a lot of theatre festivals running around Czech country during the year. Finally the students will make a real non-verbal performance useful for touring all around the world. Everyone who takes part in this course will leave with his own solo programme, useful for performing on the streets or in theatres worldwide. Students will learn the basics of writing and dramatizing a script for these shows, as well as the basics of directing for the stage.

Another very important parts of the course running permanently during the whole period is Aikido, acrobatics and dance training. Students will have several hours a week of Aikido techniques (using body and energy together) of stage acrobatics (falling and fighting techniques, jumping techniques and group acrobatic like pyramids, etc.) and various dance techniques.

The basic course will run from Monday to Friday eight hours per day. There will be a weekend workshop once a month, each lead by a different well known teacher. Subjects covered will include improvisation, design, music, masks, juggling, street theatre, etc.

Students will visit different theatres once a two weeks, too. Mostly in Prague.

The main aim of this non-verbal theatre course is to create a several performances playable at any time in the future. Each student will develop his own solo show, which can be used anywhere in the world. Everyone will develop the skills to be able to lead and direct any theatre group.

The main point of ”MIMCHAL'School” is to integrate young people from the whole world to find new friends to learn new languages to teach them to understand each other.

Periods and prices:

September 1st 2008 - February 27th 2009 (short course)

January 5th 2009 - July 3rd 2009 (short course)

September 7th 2008 - June 26th 2009 (long course)

It depends on the interests of the participants which one will be opened.

Optimal count of students 8 - 12

Age of students 18 - 25.

Differences between short and long course:

The main aim is the same but the students will study more actively and the education will get deeper in the long course. They will also play more demo shows in the long course.

It will hold two intensive theatre workshops in the training camps for one week each during the long course period. One will be in the winter time including ski course and the other one in the summer time including canoe course as well.

The short course will have just the winter one.


short course

school fee..............€ 2 000 - 2 600 per 1 person

(depends how many will take a part)

Food and accommodation ...individual

long course

school fee..............€ 3 000 - 3 600 per 1 person

(depends how many will take a part)

Food and accommodation ...individual

(includes everything what is written in the info about the course plus accident insurance)

The offer: accommodation and full board (arranged by UNI Pilsen)

..............................€ 420 per 1 person per 1 month

How to apply:

Should anybody of you be provisionally interested, please, inform Michal immediately to get place or to answer some your questions: mimchal@volny.cz

Fill the application form, and send it by e-mail to mimchal@volny.cz

Dead line for applying is till the end of January 2008.

It will be selection procedure after that and you will get the definitive solution in March 2008.