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Welcome to my web-site. The site is a central resource of information for all applications I produced and released for public distribution. Feel free to find information about the product of your choice and download it if you think it might be useful to you.



9 th April 2009
3d2f.com published a RoboSplit review. The 3d2F.com editors called RoboSplit the most promising product in its class. The review can be accessed here.

22 nd May 2005
RoboSplit ver 1.0.0 Released

10 th January 2005
RoboSplit ver 0.1.1 Released

14 th December 2004
www.digiweb.cz published a short RoboSplit review.

October 2004
RoboSplit ver 0.1.0 Released

July 2004
RoboSplit ver 0.0.0 Released






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