Unofficial Scummvm PS2 port

Unofficial Scummvm PS2 port

A few months ago I played with the ps2dev free development tools and decided to try to port some app for ps2. The scummvm project caught my attention and during a few days this preliminary port was made. As the port contained a lot of bugs and crashed occasionally I did not want to release it until the bugs are fixed. But since then i have no time to squash the bugs (and probably won't have the time) so I just release it as it is. Feel free to experiment with the sources and make the port better.

Update 2004.02.15
The 0.7.0 version is up and ready.

Major changes of the port:
- added more engines
- mpeg2, zlib, mad support
- hi-res graphic

Please do NOT post bug reports to official scummvm site, beacause this port is not supported at all!

scummvm-0.7.0-ps2-bin Executable.
Get it if you want to just try out.

scummvm-0.7.0-ps2-src The ps2 specific source files.
Get it only if you have ps2dev installed and want to recompile.