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Name: Vyacheslav Oleinik
Age: 40
Birth date: 29.09.1967, Rostov na Donu, Russia
Nationality: Russian Federation
Marital status: divorced
Address: Russia, Novosibirsk city
E-mail: oleinik@volny.cz
Contact czech-telephone: +420 776 770 108
Contact russian-telephone: +7 913 480 4900
Native language: Russian
Level of education: University degree
International work experience: 11 years in Czech republic
Current status in Europe: Permanently

Date of editing CV:


An Expert in the field of the organization of trade with 15 years’ experience.
Wholesale and retail trade, organization of work of departments, organization of purchases and sales. I have good theoretical knowledge in the field of psychology of sales (uncompleted second university education, The Russian State University, faculty of psychology), and I understand more than is said. I also have practical skills in the organization and development of a department’s wholesale-retail trade, and the promotion of goods in regions. I have good organizational abilities. I am exacting to myself and to others. I do not panic in stressful situations and I can make competent decisions within a short time interval. I am able to rally command to achieve an objective in view. I am well guided among suppliers and am able to find necessary goods in the shortest terms and settle price questions in the interest of the organization entrusted to me. I am able to quickly find contacts to potential buyers and to negotiate at the level of top persons of the companies. I supervise people competently. I precisely observe subordination.
Looking for a job in the MARKETING sector.
An electrical engineer with 5 years’ operational experience.
Technical consultations concerning purchase and servicing of digital, computer and electronic equipment. Manufacturing, repair and servicing of electronic equipment.
Some last certificates:
GSM Car Alarms (Jablotron)
CISCO Internetworking Technology
Wireless House Alarms (Jablotron)
Local networks (Ethernet, Token-Ring, FDDI, ... )

Network Security
Looking for a job in the IT/TELCO sector.
An customs expert, mover, driver with 5 years’ operational experience.
Electrotechnical university Russia, Novosibirsk,
The engineer of electronic technics
The Speciality: Electronics Engineering, Semi-conductor and microelectronic devices
Additional information: Formation is confirmed in the Europe

11.08.2003 – 11.02.2006 SIEMENS VDO AUTOMOTIVE
(Czech Republic)
The leader of an industrial line and the press-secretary of team
Tasks/assignments: Knowledge of large-lot production of electronic equipment. Full orientation in hundreds of machine tools, thousands of devices and millions of radio components. Greater nomenclature of production, high throughput, process production 365/7/24. Responsibility for technology and quality. Personnel training. Programming of SIPLACE lines working under Windows and Unix. Control of products over devices under Linux control. Work with a warehouse, corporate SAP, planners and controllers. Conducting internal documentation and reporting
Company data: Electronics/Engineering, international enterprise
05.09.2001 – 11.08.2003 INTERNET KLUB
(Czech Republic)
Tasks/assignments: Start-up and development of an internet club. Connection of firms and private persons to the Internet. Personnel training. Commissioning points of access Wi-Fi (Hot-spots) and sale of access cards to a network. Internet Telephonie. Sales and servicing of computers and office equipment
Company data: Computers/IT/Internet, private enterprise
15.10.1996 – present time UNIVERSAL MARKETING
(Czech Republic)
Tasks/assignments: Firm for representation of the interests of the KRAUS Company (Russia) in Europe. Tactical and strategic planning of more activities of the firm. Signing direct contracts on cooperation with companies in Russia, Ukraine, Belarus and Kazakhstan. Customs registration of cargoes, transport logistics. Technological support of partners. Conclusion of contracts with meat-packing plants and private manufacturers of meat products. Worked with the documentation of this organization
Company data: Marketing, private enterprise
23.02.1994 – 06.08.1998 KRAUS
Tasks/assignments: Start-up of a company. Tactical and strategic planning of the company activities. Market, prices, assortment analyses. Maintenance of Siberian and Far East regions (Half the territory of Russia) in the sausage-making environment.Signing of direct contracts on cooperation with factories-manufacturers of sausage-making environment in the Czech Republic, Poland and Russia. Organizing and carrying out publicity. Organization of selling and development of a dealers’ network on sales of an environment, spices and food additives. Technological support of partners. Conclusion of contracts with meat-packing plants and private manufacturers of meat products. Gathering of skins of large horned livestock, opening of a network of acceptance places in Novosibirsk, Barnaul, Omsk, Tjumen, Krasnojarsk, Kemerovo and Tomsk areas, salting and preparation of raw material for sending to the factory, sales of livestock skins in the Europe
Company data: Marketing, private enterprise
09.09.1991 – 23.02.1994 ROSAGROCOMMERS
Tasks/assignments: Organization of advertising and actions on the promotion of goods (cars, equipment, machine tools, foodstuff). Direct contracts with manufacturers in Dagestan, Gruzie, Armenie, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan and Russia. Development of marketing policy on effective attraction of clients. Checking calculations with suppliers and clients, analysis and formation of price policy. Monitoring of shops. Running a database of assortment. Customs registration of cargoes, transport logistics. Interaction with state structures and checking bodies. System engineering of motivation of employees. Work with client claims, sanction of disputed situations, conducting internal documentation and reporting
Company data: Marketing, government-owned enterprise

Speaking: Writing: Understanding:
Russian Excellent Excellent Excellent
Czech Good Good Excellent
German Basic Good Average
English Basic Good Basic

Confident user, high speed of work and presence of large collection of own software products (more than 2000) on a mobile disk.
Good Adobe Aftereffects, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Image Ready, Adobe InDesign, Adobe PageMaker, Adobe Photoshop, Allaire Homesite, 3DstudioMax, AutoCAD, Bryce3D, MatCAD, Corel Photo-Paint, CorelDraw, Director, MS Access, Dreamweaver, Freehand, Linux, MS Excel, MS Project, MySQL, Oracle, QuarkXpress, SAP, Sendmail, Shockwave/Flash, LINUX, UNIX, BSD, MacOS, MS-DOS, Windows 3.x
Excellent Antivirus SW, Partition SW, Firewalls (SW a HW), Backup, Video, Nero, Sly Soft, Hot Dog, HTML, Mozilla Mail, Total Commander, MS FrontPage, Acronis, Adobe Acrobat, MS Internet Explorer, MS Mail, MS Outlook, MS Outlook Express, MS PowerPoint, MS Word, Netscape Messenger, Netscape Navigator, SMTP, TCP/IP, Windows 2000, Windows 95/98, Windows NT, Windows XP include instalation and administration

Enterprise type: Private enterprise, International enterprise.
Industry: Computers/IT/Internet, Electronics/Engineering, Trade, Consultation Services, Telecommunications, Marketing, Industry/Production
Location: Praha, Russia, Ukraine, Belarus, Kazakhstan

Availability for starting work: During 1 month
Availability for business trips: Yes

Obtained categories: A, B, C
LICENCE since: 1985.
Professional driver's license from Soviet Union times. Accident-free driving in extreme conditions (snow, ice, rain, fog) at high speed. Excellent orientation in Europe and Russia without maps and navigation aids. Accurate and disciplined driver. It is confirmed in Europe (passed examinations in the Czech Republic)
Availability of personal car: In Russia: Honda CR-V, Iveco-Daily
In Europe:


Interests, hobbies: Sports, self-education, computers, software, psychology

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