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A/ 4 Ahau 1,435,980 days

- 17.12 - 352 days

B/ / 3 Lamat 1,435,628 days


A/ J.D. 2,058,241 February 27, 923

B/ J.D. 2,057,889 March 12, 922


The multiplies of (1-9)x78, (1-5)x780, 20x780, 140x780, 168x780, 194x780,

3,380, 13,000, 30,940, 69,600 and 72,800 days are added to date B.


Dates A and B are concerning Mars visibility observations.


A/ February 27, 923 Mars is 19 days after opposition with the Sun.


The planet was in position, when it is best observable around the opposition with the Sun. The declination was 19.33. This means, it was going through the centre of Mayan area at 10.42 p.m. nearly in zenith. It set at 5.12 a.m. The Sun rose at 6.18 a.m.


B/ March 12, 922 Mars is 59 days after conjunction with the Sun.

The heliactic rise of the planet.

The Mars rose at 5.32 a.m.

The Sun rose at 6.08 a.m.


During the heliactic rise Mars was for the first time shortly visible in the morning sky shortly before the sunrise. It was unobservable for few tens of days, because it was going through the area of conjunction with the Sun.