PAGE F 45  / D 74/


A/    4 Ahau                                                    1,278,420 days

     -          1.10                                                                       -           30 days

B/ / 13 Oc                                                      1,278,390 days


A/   J.D.  1,900,681                                                             October 13, 491

B/   J.D.  1,900,651                                                             September 13, 491


   (2-5)x364, 10x364, 15x364, 40x364?, 60x364? and 80x364 days are added to date B.


A/ October 13, 491                          Mars is 26 days before opposition with the Sun.


   The planet was in position, when it is best observable around the opposition with the Sun. The declination was 19.05°, so quite same as by the date A (February 27, 923) on page F 43-44 /D 72-73/.  This means, it was going through the approximate centre of Mayan area at 2.11 a.m. nearly in zenith.


B/ September 13, 491                    Jupiter and Saturn conjunction.

                                                           The Jupiter 307.827°.

                                                           The Saturn 306.157°.

                                                           The distance between the planets 1.67°.


   Jupiter was 41 days and the Saturn 44 days after the opposition with the Sun. So they were in positions, when the best visible.


                                                           The real conjunction was held on October 2, 491.

                                                           Jupiter 307.221°.

                                                           The Saturn 305.645°.

                                                           The distance between the planets 1.576°.


   The Mayan astronomers have made a mistake of only 0.094°, which was undiscoverable.


   In the 364 days multiplies table, added to date B (September 13, 491), are as a final value marked 80x364 days, which are 29.120 days. They contain: 

73 Jupiter synodic circulation lengths.

77 Saturn synodic circulation lengths.

   It is the period with 19.87 +- 0.8  years four times contained, which is the basic interval of Jupiter and Saturn conjunctions repeating. By adding 29,120 days to the starting date B (September 13, 491) marking a conjunction of both the planets, we get a new date – June 5, 571, when the planets got to a close approach again, with distance 4.081°near to their oppositions with the Sun. Jupiter 46 and the Saturn 43 days after the opposition.


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