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Panorama Perfect is an application program for creating perfect panoramic photos. This program was designed to stitch multiple photos taken from hand without using a tripod, where other programs fail in creating panoramas of scenery or the results are not acceptable.

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Standard stitching

Stitched using Panorama Perfect

Common transition

Editable transition area in Panorama Perfect

Transition created with Panorama Perfect

Deform height

Deform width

Compress width

Mesh warp tool

Flat animation

Animated transition area

Compare drawing mode

Stitched photos taken without tripod

Horizontal correction in Panorama Perfect

New Features

Verze 1.6.2

Verze 1.6.1

Version 1.6

Version 1.5

Quick Guide

Creating a new project and panoramic photo

Configuring the program

Transitions menu commands

Advanced methods

In some cases, you may want to retouch the stitched panoramic photos but the file is too large to edit it. To overcome this problem you should know how the Panorama Perfect program stitches panoramic photos when you choose the File | Create Panorama... menu command.
  1. The program creates all transitions and saves them as bitmap files (*.BMP). The name of the temporary bitmap file is created as follows: "project_name(left_image_name-right_image_name).temp.bmp". The position settings for all transitions are saved in the "project_name.temp.cfg" file. This procedure is equal to Transitions | Create Transitions... menu command when you select all transitions in the Create Transitions dialog box.
  2. When all transitions are prepared in the temporary bitmap files (*.BMP), the program stitches all transitions and shows the result in the Horizontal Line Correction dialog box. This procedure is equal to Transitions | Stitch All Transitions... menu command.
  3. After pressing the Create button in the Horizontal Line Correction dialog box, the program fixes horizon and saves created panoramic photo to a file.
To overcome the problem of editing large panoramic photos, you can edit the temporary bitmap files. The suggested method of creating panoramic photos is as follows:

Program requirements


Suggested minimum hardware configuration

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