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Penzion BESKYD  
Pension BESKYD
756 55 Dolní Bečva 0190
Czech Republic
Mobil: +420 603 892574

The Boarding-house Beskyd lies in the nice village of Dolní Bečva, in a picturesque landscape of the Moravian-Silesian Beskydy-Mountains, not far from the memorable Radhošť-Peak. The surroundings of the Boarding-house enables the visitors to perform their sports and cultural activities all the year round. This Boarding-house is about 5 km distant from the beautiful small town of Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, where you can find the well known Valachian Open Air Museum (the Skanzen of Rožnov). The Beskydy mountains belong to the most popular holiday places in the Moravia.

The location of the Boarding-house
In picturesque, silent surroundings in a garden, on the bank of a mountainious brook with a look-out for the Radhošť-Peak. The Boarding-house is very cosy - ideal for families and groups of visitors.

a) 2-4 bedded rooms (in each room: 1 double-floor bed). For each 2 rooms is WC + 1 shower to disposal.
b) 1 double-bedded room with WC, bathroom with shower, refrigerator. Terrace (called T room)
c) Apartments for 2 persons + 1-2 extra bed, with WC, bathroom with shower, balcony, kitchenette, refrigerator, microwave


Four-bedded room
  There is a terrace, a fire-place at the bank of the brook and a fire-place in the lounge in the Boarding-house. Private garden around the Boarding house.

a) there is a possibility of lunch and dinner in nearby restaurant (300 m).
b) apartments - kitchenette

At the boardning-house car-park.

Sport and culture facilities
In Winter: Ski-tours (cross-country), a down-hill skiing (Pustevny and Radhošť - 12 km, Soláň - 8 km, Horní Bečva - 8 km) a swimming - pool in Rožnov p. Radh. 
In Summer: Bike-tours, trips to the surroundings - Pustevny, Radhošť (the Cyril and Method chapel), Martiňák (mountains). Swimming-pools in the open air with the cold or with the warmed-up water in Rožnov p. R. (3 km), a dam at Horní Bečva - (8 km), tennis-courts (3 km). Golf.
In Summer and in Autumn: The possibility of picking up the forest fruits (bilberries, blackberries, mushrooms).
  Společenská místnost
Lounge with a fire-place

2 lůžkový pokoj s WC a sprchou
  Surroundings trips: Worth seeing are the Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radhoštěm, the TATRA-Museum in Kopřivnice, the Glass factory in Karolinka (with shopping possibility), the historical town of the castle Hukvaldy - the birth place of Leoš Janáček with the Janáček-Museum, the town-reservation of Štramberk, Helfštýn - ruins of a castle, spa Luhačovice and Teplice n.B. and others.  

Cultural programme: Many regular performances of folk music and traditional dances in the Valachian Open Air Museum in Rožnov pod Radh. in the full summer season.

You can also find in the Boarding-house
Rent-a-bike, cross-country skies and sledges

Another information
It is not allowed to smoke inside the boarding house and to accomodate with dogs. The shop is 200 m from the boarding house.

The guarantee 100 Euro/apartments or 50 Euro/2-4 bedded rooms is payed upon arrival. This guarantee will be returned by departure, conceivable claims will be deducted from this amout.
double-bedded room with WC, bathroom