Cim 3.33 for MS Windows

CIM is a free Simula compiler developed by Sverre Johansen for Unix platforms. You can learn more in the CIM guide. I took Sverre Johansens sources, adjusted it little bit and compiled it for MS Windows 95/98/NT. You can use the compiler also with some newer MS Windows version, however you have to set up the environment manually.

History: CIM versus PC-Simula

I had problems with lack of memory for my Simula programs compiled under PC-Simula. PC-Simula is a Simula compiler for MS DOS from Simula a.s. The problem was PC-Simula did not use extend memory. I was searching for another compiler. The result is here. There are these main differences between these two compilers: I did this job in range of my studies at the Faculty of Mathematics and Physics at Charles University in Prague in years 1994-2000, under the leadership by RNDr. PhDr. Eugene Kindler, CSc..

Petr Novak,
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