VOLUME 2 The Prague Stepchild   March 5, 2003        

Toronto, CA — The Canadian government has rejected the new tourism slogan "Canada: Third largest country and the world's biggest joke." The slogan was formulated by the advertising firm Howard & Smith Associates. "We have a legal obligation to be truthful. Otherwise, we can be sued," said agency spokesperson Marie J'Nesayqua. "We thought that instead of trying to hide the fact that Canada is, well, a joke, we would play upon this in our advertising campaign."

A Canadian government spokesman has said that the slogan is utterly unacceptable. "Sure, its a tough job. But they could have come up with something better than that. Why not emphasize our positive aspects? Such as our beautiful flag and our, uhm, well . . . at least we aren't Americans, eh!! God, how I hate those bastards!"

Reaction on the streets was mixed. "What's wrong with being the world's biggest joke?" Said Bill 'the Moose' Moskowitz. "We can finally have something to be proud of besides hockey, eh."



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