VOLUME 5 The Prague Stepchild March 7, 2003        

Paris, FR - Osama Bin Laden has been found living in a trailer park next to de Gaulle airport. The discovery came quite by accident when an American diplomat flying Air France looked out the window during takeoff and noticed bin Laden standing outside of his trailer home waving. The French government has so far refused extradition. "We have no proof beyond the word of these silly Americans," said President Chirac. "We would like to form a UN committee, have the US present their evidence and then we would consider sending inspectors out to the airport to inspect this so-called trailer park."

Meanwhile, the United States has uncovered evidence that France has been sheltering bin Laden for over a year. "It actually makes sense if you think about it," said a US senator. "We should have started looking for him in France a long time ago."

George Bush said that if France didn't turn over bin Laden the US would invade France and take him by force, to which the French President replied: "I fart in your general direction."



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