VOLUME 4 The Prague Stepchild   March 5, 2003        

Paris, FR — A man held up a French bank today armed only with old brie. "He came in brandishing a gas mask and a big plastic bag. He told us the bag contained 3 kgs of brie that had been sitting in his backyard for six months," said Jean-Paul Ettiene, manager for the bank. "Sacrebleu! I would rather the guillotine than smell that he opened that bag!"

The bank robber managed to make off with 200,000 euros. The French police have assured the public that they will do everything in their power to catch the criminal.

In a related note, a nearby French Army garrison surrendured to their garbage collecter. "We saw her carrying plastic garbage bags. They could have been filled with rotten cheese, so we thought it best to surrender," said Colonel Alfred De Vigny.



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