VOLUME 2 The Prague Stepchild   March 8, 2003        

Stockholm, SW - The Nobel Prize for Literature has been withdrawn after it was accidentally awarded to a non-existent author. The Prize, which was to be granted to Mkamo Bgyrishi for his "lyrical realism which embodies the spiritualism and subtle poetry of tarnished beauty," was withdrawn after it was discovered that the author didn't exist.

Nobel committee spokesman Jan Jorgsson publicly apologized the committee's mistake. "He turned out to be rather more obscure than we had imagined."

The incident has had tragic repercussions. Apparently depressed by ther erroneous decision, the entire committee committed suicide. As a result, the Nobel Prize in Literature will not be given out for the year 2003.

"I would like to stress the fact that these suicides are a statistical anomaly. It is a myth that Sweden has a high suicide rate." said spokesman Jan Jorgsson.

Jorgsson was later found dead at his home in Loftahamma, after he had apparently committed suicide by listening to 18 continuous hours of the Swedish supergroup ABBA.



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