23/09/2007 Brno Race 2 Quotes:

Erik JANIS – nr 15 S-Berg Racing Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, 3rd : "We decided to change very early, in order to have a different strategy to all the other cars. We are happy with this result. Jaromir did a good job at the beginning, as he had to drive with a harder group. I have to thank him for what he did today. The car was much better than yesterday, we saved tyres and we concentrated to keep more grip until the end. I had to fight really hard during the last lap, in order to overtake Gilles Vannelet, and I’m really pleased to finish on the podium today, for our home race. Of course we wanted to win, but at the end we had a good week end.”

Jaromir JIRIK – nr 15 S-Berg Racing Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, 3rd : "Erik did a really good job during the entire week-end. During my stint, it was not easy. The start was a huge moment, and my main goal was to do not have any accidents: in the middle of the field it is always dangerous. Then I went as early as possible to the pits, in order to give the wheel to Erik Janis, as Erik was incredibly fast here. We would like to go to Dubai, but we have to wait for the decision from our team.”


23/09/2007 Perfect scenario for von Gartzen and Pirri

In order to fight for the FIA GT3 European Driver’s title until the very end, Jürgen von Gartzen and Luca Pirri had no choice before the round at Brno: they needed to score huge points. With second position in the first race, and victory in the second, they had a perfect weekend. And the scenario was really good for them, when in the last lap, young Czech driver Erik Janis overtook the Championship leader, the nr 38 Kessel Racing Ferrari of Vannelet and Moser, for third position.

Behind todays winners, von Gartzen and Pirri, Arnaud Peyrolles and James Ruffier finished second, and on their home track, Janis and Jirik finished third, first of the Lamborghinis. In 6th position, Forsten and Soulet are first of the Fords, Lagniez and Makowiecki are the best Aston Martin competitors.

The last round in Dubaï is going to be exceptional!

Lamborghini, Ford, Aston Martin and other makes will influence the outcome of the Championship
On their home track, Erik Janis and Jaromir Jirik, in the nr 15 S-Berg Racing Team Lamborghini Gallardo, put in another good performance in the second race. Once again first of the Lamborghinis, both Czech drivers were happy to finish the week end on the podium. In sixth position, Maxime Soulet and Mikael Forsten, in the nr 45 Matech Concepts Ford GT, were happy to be on the pace, for their first race in this car, and hope that they will raise the rhythm in Dubai, a good track for their car. First of the Aston Martins, but only 9th today, Frederic Makowiecki and Jean-Claude Lagniez had a good start to the race, but could not keep the pace until the finish as the car was getting harder and harder to drive lap after lap. As with many competitors, they are now looking forward to Dubai, in order to finish the season with a good result.


22/09/2007 Brno Race 1 Quotes:

Erik JANIS – nr 15 S-Berg Racing Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, 4th : "The race was quite good at the beginning. The car was good, I found a good rhythm, quite fast. The only problem for us was the Safety Car. I wanted to push very hard at the beginning, but with the Safety Car I lost a few important laps. The car was over-steering from the start of the race, so it was not good for the tyres. When Jaromir Jirik was on the track it was harder for him, as our tyres were not in a good condition anymore. We have to work on the car for the second race of the week. To win we need to keep the same speed during the entire race, so we have to improve the car for the second race."

Jaromir JIRIK – nr 15 S-Berg Racing Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, 4th : "My stint was really hard. The car was over-steering a lot, and it was not easy to go until the finish. Erik did an incredible job, he was the fastest today. As he said, we will try to find a better setup for tomorrow, and if we manage to have a more consistent car, we will fight for the first position I hope."


22/09/2007 Ruffier and Peyroles win for the first time

until the last second. James Ruffier and Arnaud Peyroles won their first race of the season, giving Riverside its first victory in this Championship. Behind today’s winner, the Championship race is carrying on, with Jürgen von Gartzen and Luca Pirri second, just behind the Championship leaders: Henri Moser and Gilles Vannelet. Three more races to go, and von Gartzen and Pirri are still dreaming of the title. In 4th position, Jaromir Jirk and Eric Janis finished first of the Lamborghini, Frassinetti and Alessi were 7th and first of the Aston Martin, just behind Forsten / Soulet, first of the Ford GT.


22/09/2007 Qualifying sessions : the Lamborghini Morning

So far this season, Lamborghini had not set pole position. That has now changed since, in Brno, in both qualifying sessions, a Lamborghini set the fastest time. In the first session, the Czech driver Erik Janis got his first pole position in the FIA GT3 European Championship. In the second session, British driver Andrew Thompson also set his first pole position in this series.


Recently chosen to represent the Czech Republic in the A1 GP, Erik Janis is really motivated to do well in Brno, his home track. The Czech driver immediately set the fastest time, in the nr 15 S-Berg Racing Lamborghini Gallardo. He then improved, and went back to the pits: “We decided before the session that we would only do two fast laps, as we wanted to save our tyres for the race. So we know that we have good tyres for the race. We are confident. I hope we will be lucky, and that we might get a good result. It is important for us”. So while both local heroes, Erik Janis and Jaromir Jirik, will do their best to win this first race

Erik JANIS, nr 15 S-Berg Racing Team Lamborghini Gallardo GT3 : “I’m quite happy with our set up, the car is working well. It is a long time since I have driven this car and I just came back from the A1 GP test, and of course there is a huge different between those cars. This is my home circuit, I want a good result here. Jaromir Jirik is also very happy with the car. As usual it is going to be very tight.”


21/09/2007 First free practice : Local Heroes on top

The first ever official FIA GT3 European Championship session at the Brno circuit took place in perfect driving conditions. The nr 21 BMS Scuderia Italia Aston Martin DBRS9 was the first car to set the fastest time with a lap of 2.18.017. But of course, all the drivers' times were to  improve, and the fastest time changed often. The nr 32 Team Berlanga Ascari KZ1R GT3 improved to 2.14.681, then the nr 19 Riverside Corvette Z06R GT3 took the lead, and improved the fastest time several times. After 10 minutes, the nr 19 Riverside Corvette was leading, ahead of the nr 51 AutoGT Racing Morgan Aero, the nr 32 Team Berlanga Ascari, the nr 34 JMB Racing Ferrari and the nr 17 Martini Callaway Racing Corvette.
After 15 minutes, the nr 15 S-Berg Racing Team Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, driven by local heroes Erik Janis and Jaromir Jirik, set the fastest time with a lap of 2.06.377. After 30 minutes, the nr 15 S-Berg Racing Team Lamborghini was leading, ahead of nr 26 Hexis Racing Aston Martin DBRS9, nr 19 Riverside Corvette, nr 38 Kessel Racing Ferrari, nr 16 Martini Callaway Racing, nr 51 AutoGT Racing Morgan, nr 14 S-Berg Racing Team Lamborghini, nr 44 Matech Concepts Ford GT, and the nr 23 BMS Scuderia Italia.
15 minutes before the chequered flag, the nr 34 JMB Racing Ferrari 430 GT3, driven by Stephane Daoudi and Ian Khan, went off at turn 9 with engine problems, and just afterwards, at the same corner, the nr 38 Kessel Racing Ferrari went out on the gravel, probably due to oil on the track.
The positions at the top stayed the same, so the nr 15 S-Berg Racing Team Lamborghini Gallardo started the week-end the best way it could, with the fastest time of the first free practice session. Four different makes were in the top 4, with the nr 26 Hexis Racing Aston Martin DBRS9 second, the nr 19 Riverside Corvette third and the nr 38 Kessel Racing Ferrari fourth.

Report: Free Practice Report, Brno 2007:


 For the first time, the FIA GT3 European Championship is racing in Brno, a technical and tricky track, where it is quite hard to find the good line. The local heroes, Erik Janis and Jaromir Jirik, in nr 15 S-Berg Racing Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, set the fastest time of the day, and are ready to fight on their home track. With nine cars within the same second during the second free practice session, both races are going to be, once again, very close.

The weather was sunny, with very good track conditions

Four Czech drivers are racing at their home track. In nr 15 S-Berg Racing Team Lamborghini Gallardo GT3, Erik Janis, recently selected to defend the Czech Republic team in the A1 GP, raced with his usual team mate, Jaromir Jirik. Setting a good pace since the beginning of the season, Janis and Jirik will do their best to win in front of their supporters. Jiri Skula and Martin Matzke are back in the nr 17 Martini Callaway Racing Team Corvette Z06R GT3, on a track where they both have a nice feeling.
Both cars were on display during the Breakfast Show on CTV1, live from Brno track.

38 cars are in Brno, for the fourth round of the season.


21/09/2007 Erik Janis wants to fight for win of FIA GT3

Erik Janis fresh from the A1 GP test session at Silverstone, where he is driving for the Czech team, headed straight for Brno and the FIA GT3 round, where he is driving a Lamborghini with Jaromir Jirik.

Their best result up to date has been second place from Silverstone and other possibilities were missed due innocent collisions of technical problems. The preparation for Brno race has gone well and Janis, Jirik duo want to finish at the top. Erik Janis has came to Brno almost straight from the A1GP test at Silverstone.

Erik Janis: “I like Lambo right from the very first test that took place at Brno in the spring. It is a good car. It is one of the reasons why I am looking forward to the weekend. Moreover, it is fantastic to fight in front of home fans, I hope that a lot of them will come. We work well together with Jara and we should fight in the front. The fans will have an opportunity to see great racing. There will be almost 40 GT3 cars. Tomas Enge will start in the FIA GT race and do not forget the Czech championship or Ceska Pojistovna Skoda Octavia Cup.”

16/09/2007 Brno : chasing Moser and Vannelet

After the long summer break, the FIA GT3 European Championship will be back in action on the Brno circuit, which will host this Championship for the first time.  The current leaders, Henri Moser and Gilles Vannelet could mathematically claim the title next weekend, if they leave the Czech Republic with a lead of more than 20 points over their nearest rivals.  Rivals who are determined not to give in, and who will all be ready for the battle, as they are very much aware of the importance of the Brno round, as Jürgen von Gartzen commented : « Brno is going to be the last possibility for us to change the situation ».

Especially in Brno, the S-Berg Racing Lamborghini cars should be closely watched, most particularly those of Czech driver Jaromir Jirik, who will share the nr 15 Lamborghini Gallardo  with Jan Danis. Racing at home, Jirik will be motivated to get a good result.  Another 100% Czech team, made up of Jiri Skula and Martin Matzke, could also create a surprise in one of the Martini Callaway Corvettes.